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the G’sus Nation is a community of believers drawn from gangs and the gangster lifestyle. Those who make up the G’sus Nation come from as every gang, ethnicity, and nationality. What they have in common is Jesus, the saviour of the world.  It is a group of men and women who are transformed (not perfect) by the act of love  that took Jesus to the cross to take the blame for our own broken and messed up lives. This is a Nation that is grateful to the one who took on himself the great “violation” of the cross for our violence and addictions, but one who also walks with us through our pain, hopelessness, and shame. The G’sus Nation is a living “church in the hood” where believers are “born again” into a new life of hope and grace. It is a community of believers who take the Gospel of Christ to every hood and every city in obedience to Christ’s great commission to “…go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit…” (Matthew 28:19). Our mission field is found in the neighborhoods of Chicago where gangs rule and gang life have stolen the promise of so many young men and women. The G’sus Nation is composed of young men and women who have experienced God’s grace, gangsters who follow Jesus instead of the mob. That’s not easy because other nations want to keep you down and hold you back. They lock you in chains and violate you in every way imaginable. Jesus breaks those chains and gives you freedom by being violated on the cross for you. Jesus not only makes you free, but he makes you one in the G’sus Nation. Taking a little liberty with what Paul the Apostle wrote, we learn that:

  Here (in Christ) there is no Greek or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, (and we might add, no Latin Kings or Latin Disciples, no Vice Lords or Gangster Disciples, no Folks and no People; no Bloods and no Crips), but Christ is all, and is in all.

                                                                                                   ~Colossians 3:11

We who have committed our lives to Christ are truly one in the Spirit. God has called us to take the message of grace and forgiveness to our brothers in the hood. It’s a big task, and dangerous, but “if God is for us, who can stand against us!” Join the G’sus Nation. Jesus wants you! Pray and ask God where he wants you to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He will lead as he builds the G’sus Nation through you.

Let me know if you want to learn more.

I hope there’s a few gangbanging followers of Jesus who read this. I’m posting this message because God is sending His Spirtit to transform the lives of gangbangers all across Chicago and throughout the country, and he wants to do it through YOU. Just like the ragamuffin disciples of  the early church (in the book of Acts), God has chosen you, not to get happy and be comfy in some local group of believers, but to serve by taking the gospel with you to gangbangers everywhere. You know enough to do this:  acknowledge Him in all your ways, read the WORD, pray, fast, and seek his guidance. He has promised that if you do that, he will lead you in everything you do. He wants you to go. In the early 60s there was a movement of the Spirit, the “Jesus People” movement,  that spread across the country and transformed the lives of street people everywhere. It was started by hippies, druggies, and homeless people, but shook the walls of the established church. It was a most unlikely group of people to begin a spiritual movement, but it was God who chose to spread the knowledge of Jesus in this way and he honored their efforts by starting the most significant spiritual awakening of the century. Now he is doing the same thing through gangbangers and mobsters. There are many of you out there who have experienced the grace (undeserved love and forgiveness) of Jesus in your lives. Don’t bottle it up inside the walls of a church. Take it to your friends and neighbors. That’s what jesus did himself. There are other gangbangers all around you who need Jesus in their lives. Be the one to give them Jesus. Be the one to offer them the same grace you’ve found. Just go and do it. There is a movement of the spirit among the gangs and you can be part of an amazing awakening of God’s Spirit. It’s moving so just go with the flow of God’s Spirit and you will be amazed at how God works through you. He will lead. Go to the hood.  Go to your buddies in the jails. Go to the opposition. Cross borders and go where God needs you.  Be His feet for carrying the Gospel of grace. Be His hands for showing kindness. Be his voice for speaking love. Be Jesus to gangbangers and mobsters everywhere. Get up and start moving. Focus on Jesus and he will lead. I’m not sure where He will lead, but it will be amazing. You will see lives transformed, families reunited, and neighborhoods revitalized. Take your Bible. Pray. Jesus has your back.  JUST GO!