You are More

When a G sits down and takes a look at his/her life, what does he see? What lies below the cocky smile and tilted cap? What does a G feel once all the bravado is stripped away? It’s an important question because, sooner or later, the G gets slowed down and has to confront himself in prison.  It’s a good time to reflect on what is and what might be.  From talking to Gs that I’ve known, several things come to mind when thinking about this down-time. In the first place, there is insecurity founded on the fact that outside of his organization, he has little or nothing to fall back on as far as contributing to the world around him. And when he gets out, he may not have his old position and street cred. Others may have supplanted him.  Most Gs have minimal or no education so there is no hope of earning a legitimate spot in society by means of a normative lifestyle. They fall behind quickly and are hindered from making up ground through alternative high school or, GED programs. Even if they do, their rap sheet becomes impairment when they are out looking for a job. Even the most sincere attempts to transform are met with resistance from those with the jobs.  Their street appearance and lack of normal social skills, of course, do not help. That suspicion makes him small in the eyes of contemporaries and leads to an embarrassment over who he is beneath the bling and his tilted cap. Secondly, there is fear that they will never be able to change things. They look around and see few, if any, guys that have made it out of the hood. There is a sense of, “Why should I be any different?”  And finally, the G feels a cloud of negativity in the form of anger, pain, and embarrassment, feelings that tell them they are a” nobody” and always will be.  This combination of negative feelings usually results in attempts to prove one’s manliness and to prove to the world they are something, that they are somebody. Unfortunately, the G feels like a marked man, a man with a record that is destined to block any attempt he might make to improve himself.

I would submit, however, that the G is more than a man with a record. I would suggest that a G is more than even he believes. A G is more than a drug slinger, more than a shooter, more than a sex player, more than a soldier, more than a piece of flesh, more than a target, more than an angry voice, more than an inmate, more than a felon, more than a man with a record.  Instead, each G is a man with a history and that history is written, not by a punitive judge, but by God himself. Every G is a person that God loved before time began. God has pursued every rebellious G into the framework of time because of that love for him. Every G is a person that God gave his life for in the person of his son Jesus Christ. Each G is a person that was empowered by the resurrection of Jesus to do great things.  A G needs to realize that he/she is made in the image of God, that he/she has a heart and a mind that was created for more than dealing goods in the hood.  It was made for doing “good in the Hood.”  A G is someone that Jesus not only wants to spend eternity with in Heaven, but someone He wants to walk through the Hood with right now. Every G was known by God from before time began. Every G was given talents to use for good in the Hood. Gs are smart. Gs are leaders. Gs are people that matter to God. A G, however, is also a person that God presented with a choice. A G can acknowledge God’s pursuit of his heart and mind, or he can turn your back on God and continue along the path to oblivion.

So what’s it going to be? You’re a G. What are YOU going to do with God’s opportunity to make a new life for yourself?  I know that nothing has been easy for you. You may wish you could change a lot of details in the story of your life, but you cannot. What’s done is done. However, you can still change the story’s ending. God provided the final chapter to your story when he conquered death on the cross. By acknowledging his right to govern your life, you will be allowing him to place that chapter into your life story and, in so doing, give you all the benefits of heaven, regardless of all the low points that came before. And even more, if you are young when this transaction takes place, you will have a lot of years lift and there are a lot of great chapters that can still be written in your life story.  Does that sound like a book you’d be interested in buying? You have the right to decide if you want that chapter included in your life story. If not, there will be an alternative ending and it will not be pretty.


For more on the question of who you are, listen to this song:

You are More by Tenth Avenue North –

I am New by Jason Gray –


For more on this topic read “Murder Forgiven” in the link below:

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