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Posted: January 18, 2011 in Awareness, Gangs, Informational, Intervention, Programs, Responsible Christianity

Hey all-

I’d like to let the reader know, whether gangbanger, church member, street worker, or family member, that you can comment on Crossfire/Gang Life Chicago postings and give us some feedback on your thoughts, as well as what you’d like to see included in this website. I hope that some of you who are reading these postings (and there are a lot of you) will get back to us and voice your thoughts, ideas, issues, or general  frustrations.  Every post or page has a place to send us a response from, so don’t be shy. We may not agree with your point of view but it’s still important to us and deserves a hearing. This site is for you and is intended to help us all, Gs and those of us committed to them, to find ways of addressing the issues that lead to gangbanging and the generally destructive gang lifestyle. There are people who care and programs that can help. Get in touch.

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