“Studies” back online

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

The “Studies in God’s Word” page that was not working is back up and running. You can download 25  weekly studies  from that page. They are  taken from the One 2 Won Crosstraining Manual of Men at the Cross (http://www.menatthecross.org/). The 25 lessons are laid out here for our readers to utilize on a weekly basis as part of their  personal studies. The Study of God’s WORD remains a critical factor in the transformation of a gang member’s mind and heart. It changes one’s character, as well as his eternal destination. For that reason, Crossfire encourages all its readers to not only continue in their personal study of the Bible, but to join a local fellowship of believers where God’s WORD is shared on a regular basis. To access the 25 lessons, please see the “Studies” page at the top of the Gang Life Chicago Home page. Additional studies are available at the Men at the Cross website.

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