A Shout Out to Edgar’s friends

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Gangs, Latin Kings, Neighborhoods, Personal Stories, Shout-outs

I want to give a shout-out to the friends of Edgar Orsini who still might live in the Humboldt Park area. As you know, I was friends with Edgar back in the early 70s when I worked at Teen Challenge. I’d like to talk to any of you who read this note. I know guys like Fro and Popeye are still in the hood, so I’d like to talk with you guys and I ‘d also like to know more about guys like Wop, Tiny, and Lil Joe, etc.  Anyone know anything about Michael Perez, Cholo, and Sonny from the Ashland Kings. I understand Lucky was killed. Shout at me when you get a chance. Answer me here or call me at 773.294.8849.

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