A Gangster Mosaic

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Arts, Awareness, Evangelism, Forgiveness, Gangs, Gospel, Inspiration

I was at a wedding this past Saturday. The ceremony was held at the Chicago Cultural Center. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the building is the unbelievably beautiful mosaics that have been created all over the building. As I was marvelling at the beauty of those pieces of art, it came to me that each mosaic is made up of hundreds of little broken pieces of stone. In itself, each little piece of stone appears to have little significance and usually has little to distinguish itself from all of the other little pieces of stone. However, when those little pieces are put together by an artist who sees all the shades and textures, who understands all the subtleties of each piece,  he begins to create a pattern simply by moving each broken stone individually into its own special place. By juxtaposing each color and every subtle shade against one another, he produces a patchwork of stones that, on completion, explodes in extraordinary glory. That’s when his artistry takes on meaning and clarity. That’s when simple stonework becomes  a masterpiece.

It’s the same with the gang world. Gangbangers everywhere, each one a broken piece of stone tossed aside in scrap heaps scattered throughout the hood. There is little to distinguish one Gs from any of the other Gs around him. There is little hope for the future and even less hope of creating a positive legacy. But that’s when Gsus, the master artisan, takes over and starts moving through the hood. He scours the scrap heaps and salvages Gs from everywhere. As he does so, he starts moving the Gs around, placing Gangsters next to Stones, Kings next to Disciples, Satan Disciples next to Ambrose, and Vice Lords next to Spanish Lords. In and of themselves, there is little in he way of beauty in those individual pieces of broken humanity, but when Gsus takes over and starts moving his Gs around, he creates a pattern of color and beauty, expertly fitting each piece into place, juxtaposing darker shades against the light, and gently polishing his Gs to give the finished product a luster that could never have been imagined when he started walking through the Hood. Gsus enters into the world of gang life and repositions the broken pieces. The result is to infuse the power of beauty into the despair of tragedy and to bring  joy, hope, meaning, and beauty into world of gang violence. The result is a masterpiece of eternal proportions.

So that’s my speech. Now its your call. If you’re a gangbanger and want to know what’s beautiful; if you want to know the meaning of life; if you want to have significance and fit in; if you want to know the source of true power; and if you want to understand what real love is all about; then turn to Gsus. Gsus is the key, the master of creation. By ourselves, we remain dirty pieces of broken stone without shine or luster. Each of us remains a single isolated piece of meaningless stone without place and lacking purpose; and without purpose we are in danger of ending up as one of the unusable and unworkable pieces that are disposed of in the trash (i.e. hell) or cast along the gravel road to be trodden under the feet of every passing generation. In the hands of the great artist, however, in the hands of the Gsus, we all take on true significance as we are set in the right place, next to the right people, and provided with a purpose. In the hands of Gsus we become a masterpiece, a veritable Gangster Mosaic. That’s what the Church in the Hood is, a mosaic where every gangster who comes to Christ becomes part of the larger creation of God, the Gsus Nation. It’s a place where each G, no matter his or her set, ethnicity, or rank,  has value and significance in God’s larger overall plan, where God’s grace and love give every individual a purpose, a distinct meaning, and creates a work of beauty that people everywhere will marvel at, a place where each G willcome become a legacy to the world. That’s called grace, when God picks up a G from that heap of broken stones and gives him a purposeful place in the eternal picture he is creating. So, look closely. Is that you in the middle of the Gangster Mosaic? If not, call us or a local pastor and ask how to be included in the Gangster Mosaic. Find out how you can become part of the Gsus Nation. You can begin by saying this simple prayer:


I been in the hood ma whole life and done lots of things I wish i hadn’t had to do. Sometimes I see dem in ma dreams and just want them to go away. Even if I don’t see them, I know what I did and it makes me sick. I want to make it right, but I know I can’t make it right myself. I’ve tried and nuthin works. This guys sez, yu’ll forgive me of all that bad stuff – slingin, bangin, and even killin. I believe that Gsus came to earth from heaven and died to pay for my sins. I believe that he rose from the dead and that he has forgiven my sins as no one else can do. I need that forgiveness bad and I ask that all my sins be forgiven. I want to  kno that yur real and willing to help me make a new start. I got baggage so it won’t be easy but I believ that if you will help me, it will happen, just like he sez. So right now, I’m askin yu to come into my heart, and transform my life. Forgive me of evryythin bad i done. I kno i need you, without doubt, but its hard to walk away, so even if I play the G for a little while, guide my steps and watch over me. teach me your ways and open my eyes, help me to grow and walk away from this life, no matta wat. Give me and my family a new start. Reveal yourself to me just like dis guy sez yu will. Make me willing to turn away from this life and serve yu, no matta wat. Thanks God!

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