When you close your eyes…

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Awareness, Death, Evangelism, Gangs, Intervention, Ron's Thoughts

A lot of Gs have told me that it scares them to have to close their eyes when they go to bed at night. It’s when you’re alone with yourself that all your misdeeds and crimes come back to haunt you in the dark. It’s when a G lays down and tries to sleep that he sees the people he’s hurt, the women he’s dishonored, the family he’s disgraced.  That’s when the faces of people he hurt come back to visit him in his sleep. It’s when he thinks of all the friends he’s lost and wonder where they’re at now. Is there a heaven, and more importantly, is there a hell?  It’s when a G wonders what’s going to happen to his own kids. Who’s going to get them? Will those kids face the same hopelessness as he faces? Will they grow up and have the same nightmares the G is facing now? What sort of legacy will this G leave for his own kids? Who’s going to remember him when he’s dead and gone, especially if the kids are dead and gone too. And that brings up another point. Its tough enough, its scary enough, when you’ve done bad stuff and have to get alone and face your past in the dead of night as you close your eyes. But that’s not the only time you lay down and close your eyes. As bad as the nightmares at night are to face, can you imagine what it will be like when you lay dying and have to close your eyes for the last time here on earth. What’s that gonna be like? What kind of fears will you face then? Oh, you’ll wake up, but this time it will be to face Christ, the divine creator that you’ve been dissing all your life, the saviour who you’ve ignored and even spit on, the eternal judge who has promised to dispense justice for those who remained unrepentant in this life. How do you think that’s gonna go…

To see how this affected a NYC gang leader go to:


You might also want to try this video on for size:

Death Story by Lecrae:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cou5I3jcsRs

  1. This poem’s speak’s 4m the heart aj mind & this poem only say’s da thruth

  2. Ron says:

    Thanks Abigail. It’s hard to hear but the guyz I’m working with have to hear it because its only when they stop ignoring the truth that they can begin to see the light and begin to wonder if there is a better way, a way to make up for all the pain, a way to get beyond the nightmares and fear. God has provided a way, if a G wants to listen. I hope you’re ok. God bless you. My prayers are with you tonight.

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