Reminder – An Invitation to Gsus Day

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Gangs, Gangs and God, Gospel, Informational, Willow Creek

Hey Gs. This is just a reminder. Tomorrow is Gsus Day or, as other’s call it, Easter. This is the day we celebrate how Gsus rose from the dead and conquered death for you and me. That conquest of death means that every G can have a new life of freedom, hope, love, joy, and peace, not to mention the best thing ever, eternal life with God. If you want to talk more, I’ll be at Willow Creek Chicago for the 9 am Gsus day service (there is also a 11 am service if you sleep in). That’s at the corner of Wabash and Congress in the Auditorium Theater. A great place for church! If anyone wants to join me there, I’d be happy to talk and show you around.  Ask for Ron Gorny if you come. There will be coffee and donuts when you get there. I’m usually in the right balcony of seats. If you let me know, I’ll save you a seat! If we don’t connect, let me know you came and I’ll come talk with you wherever you are.

Happy Gsus Day

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