Need Power?

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Getting Out, power

Hey Gs-

I’ve talked to a lot of  guys who say that can’t change, can’t quit drugs, can’t quit the gang, can’t get a job, and can’t change the many ills existing around them. They say that they don’t have the power to do it.  They’ve tried and just can’t do it. Well, they’re partially right. They can’t do those things own their own because they don’t have the power. They’re trying to change things all right, but that’s the problem.  THEY’RE trying to change things and they are right, none of them have the power to do that on their own. Well, you might ask, if  we  don’t have the power, why even try. And better yet, who does have the power? Where does power to change come from? Does it even exist?  So, I’ll tell you, straight up that the Bible tells us where that power can be found. In Romans 8:11 the Apostle Paul assures us that, as Christians, we should understand that the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in you once you give your life to Christ. So, visualize, if you can, being in that cold dark empty tomb when,  all of a sudden, the darkness is emblazoned with a light and energy that injects life back into the body of Jesus and brings him back to life, not just as some weakened version of  a man he had  swooned and crawled haltingly out of the tomb, but of  a powerful conquering individual who strode from the tomb as if to lay claim to his patrimony, a saviour whose appearance was so commanding that he convinced the disciples and all who saw him, that he was, indeed, risen in power and the conqueror of death.  It was so convincing that they themselves became bold witnesses of the resurrection and all but one (John) went on to be killed for what they saw in the resurrected Jesus. That astounding turn of events was accomplished by the Spirit of God. That Spirit is the source of all power in the universe and the Spirit that God says will  “give life” to our own mortal bodies. That same Spirit is in you if you are a believer and that same Spirit is more than able to help YOU overcome any needs, addictions, or problems you may face. Can anyone out there testify to this?

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