Shout-out to the Latin Saints about Joseph Rodriquez, ca 1971

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Back in the Day, Death, Finding Friends, Informational, Latin Saints, Shout-outs

I’m looking for some old school Latin Saints who knew Joseph Rodriguez. If you knew him and/or know about his death, could you get in touch with me. Joe was a friend and a kid I was working with back in the day. I’d just like to know more about what happened to him.



  1. Joseph Rodriquez says:

    Where did he live? My name is Joseph Rodriquez and I have been told from some of my friends that they were told that I died in Kuwait when I was in the Marine Corps. Where did you know this Joseph Rodriquez at? What did he look like?

    • Ron says:

      I knew Joe back in 1971/72 as a member of the Latin saints on the west side. He was said to have been killed in a crossfire by rivals as emerged from an apartment gangway between buildings. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures so a description is like anu number of kids. He was about 20, thin, Puerto Rican, with black hair. Often wore a Saints sweater. best i can do. Ring any bells. From the sounds of it, you’re a little too young and more likely to be a son or relative than Joe.

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