Edgar’s Letter » Spaulding Latin Kings ca. 1972

Posted: August 31, 2010 | Full size is 3242 × 2240 pixels

  1. nicoleone says:

    I think this picture represents the you and adults who have had a bad life so they turned to a life of no fear5 a tru love and guidenxe of the latin king gang because within that relm they feel safe and secure from all the hostility and bullshit that their parents have showed them they have every right to feel they way they d and i tottly support but not in the gang latin kings

  2. Ron says:

    Hi Nicoleone-

    Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate you thoughts. I’m not sure exactly how to answer your query other than from what I know and have observed among the sets, and especially the Latin Kings. Those observations are not based on me having a bad life because my life has been, for the most part, very good. Life in Christ, however, is not about having a fun, good, safe life. it’s about service and providing an answer for people who are searching for truth. Guys and gals in the sets make up a group of people that God has given me a passion for. I’ve known a lot of them over the years and have some understanding of why guys turn to the gangs. Initially, the choice of joining a set seems good and seems to provide a “family” of like-minded people. I would suggest to you, however, that the sense of “family” ends very quickly once you are incarcerated or killed. Read what my friend Edgar wrote in Edgar’s letter which you can find at the top of the website. This is what is typical for guys and gals who are old-timers and have experienced the degradation gang life. I know guys in the sets now who are out on the streets and never feel safe and secure. They’re not oly afraid of other sets gunning for them, but of shorties in their own gang who might be plotting to take their place. I talk with Gs in jail who wish they’d NEVER gotten involved in the gangs. There is even more feedback on this topic if you go to the LA Gangstyle website. What kills me is that so many of these guys are wicked smart, but they’re wasting their skills on things that not only hurt themmselves, but everyone around them. I’ve seen the pain that moms, wives, children, friends, neighbors, and bystanders have experienced because of the G lifestyle. These guys are bright, they’re leaders, and they’re entreprenuers, but they are using those “gifts” in an unproductive way. What i want to do is introduce these Gs to Jesus, help them convert those “gifts” into productive careers, show them how to lead their families, and how to lead their communities in a way that will make people stand up and say, WOW, look at what God did! I want their lives to proclaim the power, presence, and love of God in this world so they can all experience the joy of God in the next.

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