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  Gangs 101: Understanding the Culture of Youth Violence

by Henry Pachero

This is a new publication designed to help the service provider gain a better understanding of the gang culture they are facing and suggests ways of being more effectual in their outreach to those who make up the gang culture. Written by a long-time gang specialist, this publications is both insightful and readable.  Henry Pachero provides us who are on the front lines with an eminently useful resource. Download the publication at:

The Ashland and Cortez Latin Kings were among the first gangbangers I worked with when I was at Teen Challenge back in the early 70s. It was through their President, Michael Perez that I was introduced to all the other sections of the Latin Kings. I’ve not seen any of them since 1973. I know that Lucky was killed, but do not know what happened to any of the others. If anyone know their whereabouts, please let me know. Also let me know if you can fill in any of the names and stories of other guys in the pictures whose names I’ve forgotten.

Ashland and Cortez Latin Kings ca 1972. Lucky, Cholo, and Sonny

Ashland and Cortez (Bucktown) Latin Kings ca. 1972 no. 2

Ashland & Cortez (Bucktown) Latin Kings ca 1972 (no. 3)


Lucky’s demise is related in Chapter 37 (pp. 206 – 208) of  the book My Bloody Life by Reymundo Sanchez (Chicago Review Press, 2000).

Gospel Grafitti

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The Gospel on a Wall!

Gang Grafitti Explained

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An example of Latin King grafitti in Rodgers Park. The design is pro Latin King as it displays the 5 pointed crown and the use of the number 5 representative of the People Nation.  The P also stands for the People Nation. The grafitti disrespects the Disciples with the 6-pointed star of the Folks Nation “cracked” in half.