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Check out these two Gang Intervention videos with Xavier McElrath-Bey and Steve Wilkos. There’s a lot of wisdom in these two videos and they are really worth viewing, especially if you’re considering the possibility of joining a gang

Gang Intervention 1

Gang Intervention 2

I’m looking for some old school Latin Saints who knew Joseph Rodriguez. If you knew him and/or know about his death, could you get in touch with me. Joe was a friend and a kid I was working with back in the day. I’d just like to know more about what happened to him.



Here is information on a program that might prove helpful for those recovering from substance abuse. Located in Blue Island (IL), Guildhaus  has been working with recovering substance abusers for 25 years. The center may be worth a look so here’s the website:

A Willow Creek Jail and Prison Ministry:

                                     Hebrews 13:3

“Don’t forget about those in prison. Suffer with them as though you were there yourself. Share the sorrow of those being mistreated, as though you feel their pain in your own bodies.”

You a banger? This is a story about another banger that made it. This is about Victor Rios, but it could be you. God has a plan for you too. Just let him have his way in your life. Read more about Victor at:    (in Spanish)

Gangs are active on many fronts, each of which has different levels of gang involvement and needs different approaches for successful crime and violence reduction. Gangs are active on the streets, in the prisons, and in schools. They have infiltrated politics and criminal justice fields. This report discusses all of these areas. It’s the latest book on Chicago’s gangs.  Loaded with information. Find it at:

STRYVE: Striving to reduce youth violence everywhere. Interesting site aimed at reducing youth violence and offering an online training program to do just that. Find the site at:

For this brief and elementary primer on the organization of gangs go to:

(Please note that this is not the same Gangs 101 referred to in the previous post).

Here’s a blog that those interested in the gang life might be interested in viewing. The blog is not for the faint of heart or those easily offended, but if you can cope, the site can be found at:

Video: 18St Barrio Fiesiocho XV3St.

Here are two articles about last night’s Urban Dolorosa memorial service for those slain in Chicago since 2008. The include comments from Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Crossfire is beginning  a Prayer Calendar so that our partners can be praying for gang members 356 days of the year. To get a gang member that you know on this calendar, please send us his/her name and birthday. I’d like to know is/her affiliation but that is optional. Once I have received enough requests, I’ll put the Prayer Calendar so everyone can begin praying for the gang members as they appear on the calendar. You can respond to this website with a name or to our e-mail account (

Some of you may be wondering the same thing, How do I get out of a gang? If you didn’t know who to ask or were to scared to ask, here is an answer that might help. Find it at:

If you want to find out what Gangbangers are talking about, go to and sign up for an account. Lots of bragging, history, and information (along with a fair amount of misinformation), but its interesting, to say the least.  Caution: This site might be a little raw for some of you!

Waddup my names G im from queens in new York city. I peeped ya website nd I could relate to a bunch of shit on there. I been gangbangin since I was 14 years old…I’m 21 now.

My situations a Lil complicated tho. I joined la familia nation when I was 14 nd I banged everyday basically, mostly on Latin kings… my hood they brainwash you into thinkin they ya enemy nd I fell for it. I was willing to do anything for my gang. Then one day the big homie sent out a T.O.S (terminate on site) on me over some byullshit gang politics. You would think at this point I walked away from gang life, I walked away from one gang and joined another one, a big no no in my hood. So since about 2 years ago and ive had a price on my head ever since…me nd my moms had to move out our big apartment to some bullshit basement just to stay alive. Everytime I walk out my front door I gotta look over my shoulder nd pray I don’t catch a bullet. I got stabbed up pretty bad like 4 months ago by some Latin king niggas out in Brooklyn. I was laid up in the ICU for 2 weeks wit a whole bunch of tubes in me. That made me take a good look at what my life has become nd after I got out the hospital I decided to walk away from all this bullshit.

I don’t chill wit any of my boys no more they all brainwashed by the gang. I basically chill wit my family most of the time. I been goin to church alot too. This is the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life, but ima try my hardest to walk away from that gang life. I know my beef and all my enemies won’t just disappear but I think my faith in god gonna keep me alive nd breathing. Thanks for listenin

Find this story and more at:


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For those interested in the history of gang life in Chicago, this UIC organization provides a first stop for information and reflection.