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Here are two organizations to remember if/when you are looking for help, especially on the South Side. The first organization is called is Sunshine Gospel Ministries. Find more information at:

The second is Friends for Youth. While FFY is a citywide organization, it has an outreach on the South Side at 63rd and cottage Grove. Find out more at:

Hey guys-

I’m getting hits on this website from guys in the Insane C-Notes. I don’t know anyone from that set, but would like to get some time to talk with you guys. Let me now if any of you want to talk, as a group or individually. You have my ear, so holler at me if/when you think Crossfire might be able to help.  


A great story about using soccer to fight gang violence in South Africa. Go to:

Also go the following ABC Nightline link:

The story about a program in South Africa making a difference in the lives of young people caught up in gangs and drugs.

Towards an understanding of the Gang Mentality:

Also go to the following ABC Nightline link:

Here’s an article from Newsweek magazine that talks about getting out of the gangs. Access it at:

As you know, it’s not an easy process. Please pray for these kids!