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An internet radio station repn Christ. Find it at:

Two videos from Diana Hobbs:

I sing for you –

I’m in Love with you –

A rapper with something serious to say.  See his message at:

Here’s a gangster rap with a lot of juice. Do you dare listen? Check it out at:

D-will -180 Feat Kre8tor –

and more Kre8tor:

The battle –

You can do that –

Aint going Back –

Show me the way – 

The tragic real-life story of a Southside Chicago gang member.

For more information on this University of Chicago Program see:

Gospel Grafitti

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Arts, Evangelism, Gang Grafitti, Media, Neighborhoods

The Gospel on a Wall!

For the CCDA upcoming Justice Film Festival see:

Testimony of a LA gangster who gave his life to Christ:

An interesting resource in your work with gangs:

Gangland Video Clips

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Education, Media, Resources, Video and TV

View this video made by Chicago youths about gang violence at:

Also go to the following ABC Nightline link: