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“My neighbors of Chicago, what have thou done? You brought in the darkness, removed the sun. It’s now obvious the time has come when killing one another will no longer be tolerated by anyone.” Mary Young, grandmother of 6 mo old Jonylah Watkins, who was shot and killed last week.

This is a very cool story about a grandmother opening up her home to work with gang members. Think you’re just one person? Think the problem is too big for you? think you can’t do anything? This woman is my hero. She’s doing something, right here in Chicago, to stop the epidemic of violence that plagues our streets. Here’s a Shout Out to Diane Latiker and the Kids off the Block organization she runs in Roseland. Think you can’t do anything about gang life in Chicago?  Think again!  catch this amazing story at:

This article is about girls and gangs in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood. It’s a year old but well worth reading: