Gang Map

This is the most up-to-date map of gang territories in Chicago. It may not be totally accurate due to day-to-day changes but it gives the clearest idea of hoods the gangs call home. Check it out at:

  1. mike says:

    ithink you awta include the cities of east chicago indiana, hammond indiana, and gary indiana which are all very infested with gangs. east chicago has latin kings,gangster two-six,imperial gangstas, gangsta disciples. gary has four corner hustlaz, gd’s, vice lords, believe it or not they do got bloods in gary, and latin kings. hammond has gd’s, dragons, and latin kings. some people in gangs is movin to lake station so i wouldnt doubt it if in the next few years lake station start havin gangs.

    also robbins illinois,harvey illinois,ford city illinois,chicago heights illlinois, riverdale illinois, dolton illinois, maywood illinois alll have gangs and they have em bad too.

    • Ron says:

      Hi Mike

      You’re right about the presence of gangs in those towns and cities. I know they run up the Lake Michigan coast in Michigan as I’ve seen signs in many areas up there. We try to work wherever god gives us an opening but we are small and just doing what we can. I’m praying God gives us more workers and a bigger presence but in the meantime I try to use this site to augment and complement what we do in the streets.If I can ask, where are you from? How do you come to be so knowledgeable on the gangstyle? Feel free to e-mail me at rlg2@uchicago if you feel more comfortable doing that. Hope to hear more from you on this site or by e-mail. Best, Ron

  2. says:

    my son was recently jumped by 5 Mexican males on 18th st in Chicago. They beat him with a baseball bat and that resulted in several broken bones. It seems because of his long black hair and Blue Rosary Tattoo he was mistaken for a rival gang member???? He is white with no Latin ancestory.

    • Ron says:

      I’m sorry for the attack on your son. How is he doing? It’s an awful, frustrating, and unfortunate part of the gang culture we live in that many innocent people get hurt. The violence connected with the gang lifestyle is killing our kids and robbing our neighborhoods of our greatest asset, our youth. Even if the gangs to not actually kill, they steal the life, soul, and vitality of a neighborhood. I and others are trying to address this issue of youth violence, but it’s a task beyond human means. That’s why I have put my trust in God and started crossfire. While the name certainly implies intervention under dangerous conditions, it really speaks to my trust in the work of Jesus on the cross and the ministering power of the Holy Spirit to reach these youths. I believe the best way to make a difference in these areas of gang influence is to let God change their hearts, which is the message I am called to share on the streets. Please pray for Crossfire and if i can help in any way with your son, please let me know.

  3. david cole says:

    Love the website i guess you would consider me an og i am fifty years.old and a member of the Royals i am not active but wen locked up i try to pass gd luck and god bless

    • Ron says:

      Hi David-

      Thanks for taking the time to write. Are you in Chicago? It would be nice to get together over coffee some time. Sounds like you may have some tales to tell. I’d be interested in listening. Let me know. You can also reach me at:

  4. adrian navarro says:

    i live on boarder town. life is good. u just got to know wht not to do when invading other hoodz. mexicans? wht colors where they wearing?

  5. juan says:

    This os fu up

    • Ron says:

      Hi Juan-
      Where you at, man? You still representing? Maybe we can meet up some time.

      God bless,

  6. Kyle Bolton says:

    I study a lot on gangs. Does the Crossfire program ever hire gang intervention staff? I am 22, an active Christian, have 5 years of military service and 2 combined years of security and Indiana Department of Corrections training. Not only do I have professional experience but I have street experience as well. I’ve been shot twice in a shootout, and ran several units within a larger organization before. I had a bad experience with that and wouldn’t mind passing on that real life knowledge to at risk youth. I currently live in Indianapolis but am from Fort Wayne. Fort Wayne gangs are similar to Chicago. We have GD, VL, Latin Kings, and La Raza. But on top of that MOB, SUR13, Templar Mafia (and each of their sets) Also there are cliques. Then you have biker gangs like the Outlaws but I wouldn’t know much about that. Since last summer I personally know at least 8 people that have been shot in Fort Wayne and 2 of my old friends have died.

    • Ron says:

      Hi Kyle-

      It sounds like you have a tremendous amount of experience. Not sure how you’ve managed to squeeze all that into 22 years! Nonetheless, it sounds like God is doing special things in your life. I would like to have others committed Christians like you working with me in Chicago. LOORD knows we need it. Nonetheless, I have to say that I am unable to hire anyone to work up here with Crossfire as there are just not enough funds to to that. This is strictly a (tight) shoe-string budget affair that has actually gotten smaller in recent days. We do what we can but its rough sledding out here financially. I will keep your information and if anything ever works out, I’ll let you know. God has given you a vision and I can sense your passion. You will not be denied. Keep studying and preparing as best you can and I know God will put you in a place where you can really make a difference. It would be good to have more guys like you working for Christ here in Chicago.

      In His Grip,


      • Kyle Bolton says:

        Thanks. I think I would do good at a job like that. If you guys ever do hire you can email me. I wouldn’t mind moving to Chicago. God Bless your efforts.

    • luis pacheco says:

      My cuz is from the fort. But he lives in lafayette now. We have GD, BD Latin kings and lots if sur 13 and lil norteno

  7. shawn says:

    my son comes at all hours of the night he keeps saying once a LO always a LO .. i know hes in a “crew” but im scared if that crew is a gang can someone help me and tell me what an Lo is?

  8. nocommet says:

    MR SHAWN……….I say this with all due respect a Gangbanger isn’t created in the streets he starts at home and then latter gang bangs in the streets….u may wander what it is that I mean by that, well what im trying to say is that the root of this destructive life starts at home their neads to be ground rules. Now Mr shawn their is no gang in Chicago called Lo Are sure hes not saying Foe as in four corner hustler…..but even then if he is in a gang I doubt he would express to his parent this for life mentality.this sounds to me like sighns of a wankster or wannabee wich is common for kids from a good home but still long for acceptance. I will say that crews are an introduction to the gang life and wannabees are sighns of a kid who will join a gang if given the opertunity. It sounds to me like u and ur son nead a long talk

  9. david says:

    Does anyone knowant how the latin kings started in maywood ill

  10. Jo says:

    White people no nothing about gangs all you white people can rot in hell

    • Ron says:

      Hi Jo

      There is a lot I don’t know but from working with gangs sine the early 70’s, I have learned a few things. If you ever want to talk about things let me know.


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