Prayer Cards

On this page you will find a “weekly” Crossfire Prayer Card. Each card will provide a specific person that can be prayed for that week. I believe that prayer changes things so I would suggest that you open up the PDF and print copies of the prayer card and send them to incarcerated friends and relatives. I’m sending them out too. I envision these cards being posted on the walls of individual cells; encouraging and guiding the prayers of inmates in a way that will not only help transform their lives, but will help to positively alter the attitude and environment in which they live. And don’t forget, you can also post them around your own homes as a reminder of what your friend or relative is praying for too! Please let me know if you have suggestions for things that can  be printed on the prayer cards. Links for the prayer cards follow below:

Crossfire Prayer Card – Pray for a Guard

Crossfire Prayer Cards – Cellie

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