Prayer Requests

All prayer requests received by Crossfire will go to the Willow Creek Prayer Team for direct intercession. Unless otherwise instructed, they will also be posted here for other believers to pray about. You can be as specific as you want or you can simply leave the name of someone you want us to pray for. This is both for guys/gals in the sets and people working with them. If you are part of a church or prayer intercessory team, please pick a particular person to pray for or place them all before the LORD.



Christopher E.

Diane B.

Efrain Rivera.

Martin Ybarra. Cook County Jail



Jason Munoz: Cook County Jail

Jose (Che) Reyes

Noel Colon

Raul Santiago

Ivan Negron (and Alicia)

Cristian Garza

Jaime Diaz

Michael Perez (Ashland Latin Kings)

Cholo  (Ashland Latin Kings)

Sonny  (Ashland Latin Kings)

Spanish Cobras

Satan’s Disciples

Rahim (Black P. Stones)

Black P Stones

Gangster Disciples

Vice Lords

Lynch Mob

Latin Dragons

Maniac Latin Disciples

Robert Rand and James Machin (Gangs 2 Grace/New Life Covenant Church/Humboldt Park)

Spanish Lords

Paul Rivlin

Edgar Fernandez, his brother Freddie and his friend Bernadino (whom I met at Cook County Jail)

Jesse, jeremy, Chris, Javier, and Robert – guys from Martin’s neighborhood at 82nd and Buffalo.

  1. Diane B. says:

    Central California gang members. Please pray for my direction in compiling research on gang membership/retirement in order to provide better support for local gang members wanting to change from la vida loca to la vida nueva. Thank you for your prayers! “Though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death I will not fear for Thou art with me.”

  2. Matilda says:

    Please pray for Christopher E. that is in desperate need of prayer. His life depends on a miracle. I ask that you please pray for Chris for protection against his enemies and for favor in court on March. He has been locked up for two years without any visitations and in a different state than his family. He has two sons that have been waiting for him and need him to come home.
    Thank You For Your Prayers

    • Ron says:

      Hi Matilda,

      I will be in prayer for Christopher. I don’t now his story but miracles can happen. I was talking with a guy yesterday who had 30 to life and is now out helping others to avoid the mistakes he made. Would it be ok if I wrote to him? If so, you can give me his particulars via my e-mail at:

      I will also ask others to pray as well. Until then, I pray that you and Christopher and his sons all remain…

      In His Grip,


  3. James says:

    Ask the Lord to save many Fairborn Ohio residents, including Phyllis Szary.

  4. Ermelinda says:

    Pray for Gabriel V. that he gets the strength and opportunity to change his life & that God will protect him & keep him from harm in this battle.

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