This is a memorial page. If you would like to write a memorial for someone who has been lost through gang violence, please place your remembrance in the reply box below.


This memorial is for Edgar Orsini. He was a Latin King from Humboldt Park and a friend back in the 70’s. Edgar was shot to death in 2001. Even though Edgar died in the street, his prayer for himself and his family opend up the means of ministry to many other people.

Ron Gorny


I leave this memorial for Joseph Roderiquez who was a Latin Saint . He was ambushed and killed in 1972 (?). Did any of you know Joe?

Ron Gorny

  1. Mariana Orsini says:

    My father Angel Orsini (Papo), Edgar’s brother passed away in January of 2000. My sisters and I drove to New York for his funeral. This was the the sadest day of my life. It brought back every memory of my childhood living in Humboldt Park on Pierce between Kedzie and Spaulding. I was very young but I never seen so much sadness in my entire life after. Every evening my mother would give my sister and I some money so we can go to Foremost Liquors and get a snack but this winter nignt she said it was too cold. The next moring I remember walking to school and seeing just a few houses away the frozen blood in the ice, apparently someone had been shot right down the block the night before and I’m thankful today it was too cold that night for us to get our snack. As I got a little older I met a man from the same area and lived there for 4 years and had 2 beautiful children. In that 4 years I watched young vibrant children and adults be killed by violance or by drugs. I watched the lives sucked out of them and it broke my heart, I told my kids I gotta go either your with me or not (he was). I got out of there thank GOD but there are so many that, sad but true don’t have many options. When I went to New York for My fathers funeral Ofcource My uncle Edgar was there and we all went out for dinner. Uncle and Edgar and I talked for hours as the other danced, this time I was grown. On and off through the years more so when I was younger I would visit him and call him often usually when I was upset and he always talked sense into me, even when I didn’t want to hear it and I wanted him to come to my defense he gave me GOOD sound advice and I will never forget that, since I know he could have done different ( I wanted him to kick someone’s ass). In 2000 as I reflected on all this we had a chance to catch up and I had a chance to get to know him as an adult and he was a wonderful person at heart but unfortunately a product of society with no apparent way out. I was still devasted leaving New York being that I never thought the day would come when I’d be there for that reason and wishing I had more time with my father and never realizing I would loose my Uncle 1 1/2 years later. The day I left Uncle Edgar walked me, my husband and sisters out to the car and before I got in we hugged and he said “I’m proud of you girl and where your going”. I could see the raw sadness in his eyes and I thought I gotta call him when I get home and I did for a little bit but again I got too comfortable and the next thing i knew my Mother called me and told me he was dead. He lived the life he lived but by the time he realized it, it was too late. I miss my Father and my Uncle and for me since I lived through/watched it I pray that all the allegiance’s that are pledged all over the world for a territory or a name or acceptance or a point in 20 years won’t mean nothing can just unite for GOD and the truelly needy people in this world people who are dying from starvation or disease not bullets. R.I.P Papo and Uncle Edgar

  2. Mariana Orsini says:

    Sorry please forgive the typos, mind was moving way faster than my fingers but never the less I hope the message helps someone. PLEASE LETS STOP KILLING EACH OTHER. ACT JUSTLY, LOVE MERCY, WALKY HUMBLY WITH THE LORD. BE KIND, DO GOOD, GO HOME…………….SIMPLE. REMEMBER WE ARE ALL FIGHTING THE SAME BATTLE

  3. Edgar Orsini says:

    Hello Mariana my name is Edgar Orsini jr . your uncle was my father.I wanted to thank you for your kinds words about him.

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