Studies in God’s WORD

The Study of God’s WORD remains a critical factor in the transformation of a gang member’s mind and heart. It changes one’s character, as well as his eternal destination. For that reason, Crossfire encourages all its readers to not only continue in their personal study of the Bible, but to join a fellowship of believers where God’s WORD is shared on a regular basis. For the purposes of this Outreach, we will be using the One 2 Won Crosstraining Manual of Men at the Cross ( The 25 lessons are laid out here for our readers to utilize on a weekly basis as part of their  personal studies. HOMECOMING – Understanding God’s Grace and Mercy TRUTH – Understanding God’s WORD HOLY – God’s Holiness OMNI – God’s Sovereignty INCOMPREHENSIBLE – God’s Creation SEPARATED  – Sin OPPONENT – God’s Adversary JESUS – King of the Cosmos THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE  –  Redemption METAMORPHOSIS  –  Salvation UNDESERVING – Covenant SPIRIT – God’s Spirit THE PINNACLE – The Resurrection LAMB OVER ME – Understanding my Position in Christ CRAFTMANSHIP – God’s Plan OVERBOARD – God’s Plan for Prayer MEMORIZE & MEDITATE – God’s Blessings PEACEMAKER – Reconciliation SYNERGY – Accountability and Fellowship NO BAD DAYS – Understanding Trials MAJESTY – Understanding Worship FAITH WORKS – Understanding God’s Expectations PURSUIT – Understanding Purity NUMBERS – Understanding Multiplication  ONENESS – Understanding Marriage and Family

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